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Amade, E. C. R., Nwauwa, B. E., & Ogbuagu, O. P. (2023). LIBRARY USER EDUCATION PROGRAMMES IN ACADEMIC LIBRARIES . MiddleBelt Journal of Library and Information Science, 21, 165-176. Retrieved from


The paper unveiled the most of various library user education programmes that ought to be, and used for library users to make them like and use the academic library most effectively with ease and more interest. They include: library tours/visits, lectures, provision of support materials, oneto-one sessions, library orientation exercises, workshops, library week programs, provision of library guides and booklet. The discussion was presented to include academic library use and users, justification of library user education in academic libraries and factors that affect library user education programmes in academic libraries. In conclusion, the paper pointed out that library users (students and lecturers), who were unequipped with good library user education lack the capacity to utilize available academic library material resources, and recommends that library user education should be instituted and regularly or periodically be given to both the fresh and old library users to continuously arouse their interest in reading and other general benefits from the use of the library.

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